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We at JDM Web Technologies offer Organic SEO Services that encompass advance On-Page, and Off-Page SEO tactics which will help the search engines better index your web pages and understand what your products or services are all about. With our Organic SEO Service, you will be getting higher rankings for your business related terms in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines which will increase your organic traffic and sales.

We will assure our clients get higher organic SEO results through the SEO Services provided by us. Our experts offer the best white hat SEO services to achieve this goal for you.

Result Based Organic SEO Services Vs.Paid Advertising

SEO will give you good visibility of the website and higher organic traffic in search engines like Google, including Yahoo and Bing. Many sites also pay search engines for showing their ads which are called PPC services, and when people click these links, the website owner will be paying for each click on these ads. When a website has to pay for getting visibility and getting sales online, it will imply that this website does not have high organic rankings. Thus the sites which search engines naturally display will get higher preference, and this can be assured with organic SEO services.

Why Organic SEO Is Important?

Organic SEO service is the best way for you to optimize your business website to ensure that consumers who are looking to find your products or services will be able to see your site easily. SEO enhance your online presence and also grow your business. JDM Web Technologies is a professional SEO Company in India. Our SEO Services Include Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Content Analysis, Editorial Backlinks Creation, and Social Media Marketing. Keywords Research and analysis is the primary step for achieving organic SEO. Thus our SEO consultants will help you to select the best business-oriented keywords. Your website contents and the success of your business website will depend on this one crucial and vital step.

We ensure that all the contents uploaded on the web pages are unique and original as per the SEO optimization. We also maintain your blogs, your RSS feeds, and your social profiles. Apart from these, the one Organic SEO service that requires a good and solid strategy is your link building service. For this, JDM Web Technologies assures you of writing new content and crafting articles, blogs, the press release which can become an essential source for your SEO backlinks. It will not be enough to have just the planning strategy; we will also implement them and then measure them up for your business website.

For doing this, we offer you a dedicated analytics service which will generate accurate reports to reflect your business website's ranking with regards to the keywords and your monthly organic traffic.

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Our Process

At JDM Web Technologies, we will provide you with several services to improve your organic traffic. Our professional Organic SEO experts will quote to you the service which you will get and explain to you in detail how these services will benefit your business:

Keyword Research
Keyword Researching

This is the prime step in providing organic SEO services. We will do all the research to look for the most useful keywords in your business industry and your niche; we will also check what the trends are and what your competitors are using for this purpose.


We will provide you with fresh, original content which is relevant and appropriate as per your business product and services. Our all contents will be optimized including keyword density, one relevant Shutterstock image, your website links, and videos also.


We will give you detailed reports about your keywords ranking and the changes seen in your traffic.

Customer Care
Customer Care

Our customer care services are available for you throughout the day and the night 24x7, should any query arise, you can contact us, and we will help to get it resolved.

Ongoing Process

We will provide you with all the necessary updates and incorporate the latest innovations in the technological world to continuously improve your rankings.

Link Building
Backlink Growth Strategy

We will outline a solid plan for your backlinks creation. Our Link Building strategy will improve your rankings and organic traffic as well.

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